Much like how our food revolves around local farmers, ranchers, and our immediate surroundings, our wine list, too, focuses on small growers and producers from around the world. Our goal is to feature vintners who perform their craft with the utmost passion and care. We want to convey a certain sense of responsibility with our food, and in turn extend that to the wines we offer. Our selection has been thoughtfully curated to feature wines that show purity, elegance, and charm. We find this is best achieved by only subtle enhancements by human hands. At their best, wines capture an honest snapshot of both the time and place they come from. We strive to offer wines that provide glimpses that in some strange way, also reflect the inspirational wild ocean and mountain landscapes that surround us.


We strive to pair our full experience menu with terroir-driven pours, with a primary focus on international wine, and the addition of sake. Our wine selections include a collection of hand-crafted, local, sustainable, small production wines, poured alongside iconic wines of the Old World.



A selection of non-alcoholic, seasonal ingredients, and house-made elixirs. As the year progresses we capture the season in various ways; through fermentations, vinegars, and tinctures. This is the backbone of our non-alcoholic pairing. Please provide us 24- hour notice when requesting to add this to your experience.



Per bottle with a maximum allowance of 2 per bottles per table





wine and sake come in 750ml bottles unless noted otherwize

* local Mendocino or within 60 miles of Elk
❶ denotes an appropriate pairing choice for the first set of courses.
❷ denotes an appropriate pairing choice for the second set of courses.

❸ denotes an appropriate pairing choice for entire meal.


Featured Local Wineries


Drew Family Cellars, Elk CA

Jason and Molly Drew were some of the first local's Chef Kammerer met when he moved to the town of Elk in 2017. The winery is located above the town of Elk in the Mendocino Ridge appellation and produces wine and cider that reflect the Mendocino coastal growing climate. The winery operates with a clear pursuit in mind: to craft small lot, cool-climate wines that express site distinction and traditional varietal character. The Harbor House wine list features a wide selection of wines from Drew including the Sur la Mer Cider from the apple orchard surrounding their winery.

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 3.47.02 PM.png

Baxter Winery, Elk CA

Also located above the town of Elk, in the Mendocino Ridge appellation is Baxter Winery. Phil Baxter, produce handcrafted single vineyard wines focusing on the Anderson Valley and surrounding Mendocino appellations. Known primarily for their Pinot Noir, the pair combine over fifty years of experience, producing wines naturally, applying instinct and using old-world techniques. They craft wines that possess a notable ‘pureness’ of fruit, reflecting the unique identity of each vineyard site.

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 3.47.06 PM.png

Alder Springs Vineyard, Laytonville CA

The lesser known Alder Springs Vineyard is a 6,000-acre ranch in far northern Mendocino County, where viticulturist Stuart Bewley has been growing some of California's most outstanding wine grapes since 1993. At elevations ranging from 1,700 to 2,700 feet, Bewley practices his patented brand of extremist viticulture on a patchwork of vineyards perched along the steep sandstone slopes of the Coast Range. The mountainous ranch is a decidedly challenging spot to cultivate grapes, resulting in a superb and unique Mendocino expression.


Wine by the Glass


apple, herbs, lemon balm

Rebholz, Pinot Blanc, Pfalz 2019


lemon rind salt, stone fruit

Baxter, Chardonnay, Mendcocino—Oppenlander 2018 *


quince, sage, sweetgrass

Massican, Friulano, Friuli Colli Orientali 2018


green apple, white flower

Drew, Viognier, Mendocino Ridge—Valenti Ranch 2018 *