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Dear Friends,

We have made the difficult decision to close the Harbor House Inn and Restaurant down until June 12th. We will be closely monitoring the situation to see if we need to extend this any further.


Asany owner/operator can attest to, there are so many variables at play here, all of which have weighed heavy on our minds. The one thing we can’t deny is that we are fighting something that puts all of us at risk, the longer we gather together. We feel responsible to protect the health of our staff, all guests, and the community of Elk, and we can’t do that if we resume business as usual. 


We will be working to reschedule all guests on our books to a future time. We are still getting our bearings on any other options we may have in terms of take-away meals for our local folks here, and will circle back once we have a plan in place. Until then, stay well

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